Over the past two years, enrolments at Hillcrest Primary School (HPS) have increased beyond expectation. While this reflects positively on the great work happening at our school, it does mean that from next year we will reach our student enrolment capacity.

We have sought guidance from corporate office to assist us in managing our 2020 enrolments. To ensure that we can keep classes at an appropriate size and continue to provide quality teaching and learning programs for all students, we have decided to create a ‘register for enrolment’ list. This means that families who have not submitted forms to enrol new children to the school for 2020 will need to add their child’s name to the ‘register for enrolment’ list. Should a place become available we will contact the next family on the list and assist them with the enrolment process. Preference will be given to families for whom HPS is the closest school and reside in our local catchment area, and to those students with a sibling already enrolled at our site. Children who are currently enrolled in the school or who have submitted enrolment forms for next year are unaffected and we look forward to them being part of our thriving community in 2020. We will work with our governing council, staff and school community early next year to develop a plan to manage capacity into the future. Feedback will be sought from HPS families early next year.

While we are seeing increasing enrolments at HPS,  there is sufficient capacity at other local schools to manage anticipated demand. You can use the ‘Find a School or Preschool’ website to determine your closest or zoned school.