Oral Aural Unit

Our Oral Aural Unit was developed to cater for children who are deaf or hard of hearing using a primarily auditory-verbal approach.  Our unit funding ceased in 2016, but we retain experienced & qualified teachers of the deaf, a speech pathologist, school service officers and acoustically treated facilities to continue to welcome, support and cater for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • A safe, secure and quiet working environment for students.
  • Age appropriate, mainstream programs with an emphasis on academic achievement, social development, inclusion and team teaching.
  • Intensive focus on language, literacy and numeracy in line with whole school Site Improvement Plan targets.
  • Negotiated education plans with an emphasis on speech, language, cognitive and auditory development.
  • Visits from Australian Hearing Services audiologist as required.
  • Student participation through the Student Executive Group.
  • Emphasis on information communication technology as an integral part of learning activities.
  • Participation in all school activities and excursions.

All classrooms in the school are extensively treated to provide optimum acoustic conditions by blocking out external noise and reducing reverberation.  Soundfield systems are installed in all classrooms and specialist teaching areas.

Staff Profile
  • All staff across the site are involved in regular professional development regarding Cochlear Implants, hearing aids and best teaching practice for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Teachers of the deaf work collegially with mainstream teachers in our inclusion program.
  • School Services Officers experienced in working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing support in inclusion classes in a variety of ways with a focus on encouraging independence, persistence and high academic achievement.
  • The school funds an on-site Speech Pathologist one day per week.
Parent Participation
  • We work with parents to actively support their child’s program at home and school in liaison with speech pathologists, audiologists and other medical professionals.
  • We encourage parents of students who are deaf or hard of hearing to nominate for Governing Council.
  • Daily communication between parents and teachers ensures information sharing between home and school.
  • Parents are involved in the writing and review of their child’s Negotiated Education Plan.