Our Team


Lissa Hutter - Principal

LissaTeaching wasn’t my first occupation. I spent ten years in banking and finance and then went back to university while my children were at school. I love teaching and I love working at Hillcrest Primary. I started here in 2006 as student counsellor and then won the position of Deputy Principal. At the end of 2013, I successfully applied for the Principal position and I am privileged to lead a group of compassionate, dedicated and highly qualified teachers who share the same goal – to watch each child develop the skills, knowledge and personal traits that enable them to achieve high educational outcomes along with a deep respect for humanity and our environment. I love spending time with my family and friends at the beach and I also enjoy running, paddle boarding and drawing/painting.

Robyn Holla - Deputy Principal

From an early age I always wanted to be a teacher and feel very fortunate to have been able to fulfil my ambition by working in a variety of teaching and leadership roles both at school and regional levels. In my current role at Hillcrest Primary School I value the opportunity to build positive relationships with students, parents/caregivers and staff as we work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for the children at our school. The role of Deputy Principal is one that I enjoy and find to be very rewarding.

Lauren Campbell - Coordinator Intervention

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Simon Watts - Coordinator STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

I have been teaching at Hillcrest Primary School since 2012. I have three loves other than teaching – family, football and my motorbike (not necessarily in that order). 2014 was a very exciting year for me, as it saw a new addition to my already small family with the birth of my daughter. From a young age, I have been a passionate West Coast Eagles supporter – I even named my turtle after my favourite player. Although I played a few years of senior football for Hope Valley, I now participate in tennis and volleyball. I enjoy watching Sci-Fi movies when I have down time and have a keen interest in anything to do with technology, especially Apple products. Therefore, I enjoy the opportunity to integrate ICT’s across all curriculum areas. I’m a huge supporter of the national curriculum. As my primary schooling was undertaken over three different states, I found it challenging to bridge the gap between different curriculum content. I am grateful to be a part of the Hillcrest community and am excited to see what the future beholds.

Specialist Teaching or Support Team

Cam Grigg – Physical Education teacher (Reception – Year 7)

Growing up in a small town in the Mid North of our state, I commenced my first teaching contract at Port Pirie. My first years at Hillcrest Primary were spent as the Year 6 & 7 classroom teacher. Currently I teach Physical Education and some HASS subjects across our school which gives me the unique opportunity to get to know all of the students. I thrive on building positive relationships with students and believe that this is a pivotal cornerstone to learning. Recently I have initiated the Globalisers environmental group, leading sustainable environmental projects in our school. Sharing an awareness and respect of Australian Indigenous culture is also a passion of mine.

Louise Kates – Languages (German) & Performing Arts teacher (Reception – Year 7)

Prior to commencing my time at Hillcrest Primary School, my teaching experience has been within both private/independent and DECD schools. I have taught various year levels as a classroom teacher as well as taking on the role as a specialist teacher in a number of different learning areas. Currently I teach Music, Drama and German across our school and I see this as a privilege in having the opportunity to teach every student. As well as building positive relationships with students, I teach with passion, fun and love as I want my students to translate these same qualities into their learning. I also have a passion for sport and therefore coach various sporting SAPSASA teams, basketball being my favourite.

Irene Brownlie - Librarian and Resource support/Transition Coordinator

I am (as the students will tell you) a very OLD teacher and in my more than 30 years of teaching I have taught in tiny, two teacher schools and very big 100+ teacher schools. I have to say that Hillcrest Primary is my favourite school so far.   I have taught reception and year 1 students for a number of years – the basis of my teaching style is “everyone needs a positive and successful start to school life” and having worked for a number of years in the area of gifted education, know that we all learn differently. In our class we learn about, and use thinking tools and explore concepts using concrete materials and equipment to encourage and guide us through our learning. I also coordinate the transition program for children moving from pre-school to school to ensure they (and their families) have a positive start and feel welcomed into our school community.

Georgie Kain - Speech pathologist

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Junior Primary Team

Holly Farrington - Room 1: Junior Primary Teacher

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Debbie Thorley - Room 2: Junior Primary teacher

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Vandana Sehgal - Room 3: Junior Primary teacher

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Sinead Giorgio – Room 4: Junior Primary teacher

I teach Reception at Hillcrest. I spent a few years working in hospitality and travelling overseas before returning to Adelaide to finish my studies. As I work with the littlest people in the school, there is never a dull moment in my job! Children begin school with enthusiasm and excitement, and it is a privilege to encourage their curiosity and independence.   At Hillcrest, students from different cultures and backgrounds learn and play together in a safe and caring environment. My class love exploring the school gardens, performing at assembly, taking part in swimming lessons, Book Week, and Sports Day. In my spare time I love to read, and I try to pass on my own love of books to my students.

Chloe Merchant – Room 5: Junior Primary teacher

Becoming a teacher has been my goal from a very young age. I first realised this whilst at primary school when I began spending pupil free days in my aunt’s classroom at her school…to ‘help her out’. I graduated from university in 2012 majoring in Visual Arts and Science. Visual Arts is my passion, and my students will tell you that I try to sneak art in wherever I can! I have been so fortunate to begin my teaching career working with the children and staff at Hillcrest Primary School. I could not have wished for a more positive, supportive and enthusiastic environment to teach in. Building relationships with my students and staff at Hillcrest has been an incredible experience and I look forward to more learning and teaching at Hillcrest.

Anne Read – Room 6: Junior Primary/Primary teacher

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Jessica Quinn - Room 10: Junior Primary Teacher and Teacher of the Deaf

My name is Anne Read and I currently team teach a Year 2 class. I spent my primary and high school years in Scotland knowing that one day, I would be a teacher! I have been teaching at Hillcrest since 1999 (last century!) and I absolutely love it. Outside of school, I enjoy playing competitive badminton on a regular basis to try and keep fit.

Hi! My name is Jessica Quinn and I was one of the trained Teachers of the Deaf in the Oral Aural Unit team at Hillcrest Primary School. I am pleased to remain at Hillcrest after the closure of the unit and I teach in classes which may have students who have are deaf or hard of hearing. The students all use hearing technology to access speech and language. Over the past 4 years I have been completing my Masters in Special Education (Hearing Impairment), and completed this degree at the end of 2014. I love my role and my job, learning more about the students each day and about myself as a teacher, helping them to become the best learners they can be.

Primary Team

Deb Williams – Room 7: Primary teacher

Hi, I’m Deb Williams. I knew in Year 10 that I wanted to be a teacher after doing work experience at a junior primary school so I worked my way through college and have now been teaching for about 24 years. I love it. I have taught all year levels from Reception to Year 7, but I particularly enjoy the middle primary grades. Currently, I team teach with Anne Read in rooms 7 and 8. We work really well together and I feel the children benefit by being both extended and supported in their learning. On a more personal note, I live with my partner Richard and my baby, Max (the beagle). I enjoy cooking, travelling and singing. I am the choir teacher for Hillcrest and we perform each year at the Festival Theatre for the “Primary Festival of Music”. Hillcrest is a great school and I love teaching here. The teachers are on the “same page” and work together to ensure students are achieving high educational outcomes.

Lauren Campbell - Room 8: Primary Teacher

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Jade Tinney – Room 9: Primary teacher

Rita De Ieso - Room 11: Primary Teacher

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Mike Sweeney – Room 12: Primary teacher

I’ve been teaching for just over 20 years (I like to think of myself as experienced rather than old) and have been lucky to be at Hillcrest since 2009. I have taught at a range of schools across country and metropolitan areas, mainly in South Australia. For much of my career I have focussed on the upper primary years enjoying the dynamics of older students finding their identity and developing independence. Our class has a strong focus on organisation, independence, responsibility and time management as we work to build identity and confidence. We do a lot of group and team work to build a strong, proud and cohesive class striving to do our best whether it is English, maths, science, our recycling program or video productions.

Curriculum Support Team

Cathy Procopio – Library and student support

My name is Miss Cathy and I am one of the many SSOs who work at Hillcrest. Together, we believe we keep the engines oiled to a very sophisticated and well-engineered teaching team.   I am passionate about children and young people, and believe time invested in people is never wasted; therefore my job fits perfectly into who I am. Officially I am an interpreter, however once I had been given an opportunity to work in schools there was no going back. I have been at Hillcrest for nearly 10 years now. My role has changed several times; however, currently I am working as an SSO in classroom support and also working with individual students. I find my work very rewarding, love the colourful relationships it has introduced to my life, and hope to be able to share lots more years in this fabulous school community.

Sue Andreassen – student support

Mary Cooper – student support

Vanessa Mack – student support

Jamie Battista – student support

Alan Shepard – School garden coordinator

Hello, I’m Alan and I coordinate activities in our school garden. I think my love of gardening must have been influenced by my parents who grew veggies, fruit trees and flowers. Some of my happiest times as a child were spent exploring the colourful and natural world in our backyard. Perhaps that’s where my interest as an adult in wilderness protection and conservation came from. Work wise my focus over the past eight years has been around supporting the development of community gardens and this has lead me to sustainable gardening practices and community art projects. My family share a house with two of the cutest dogs ever – Bailey and Maddy. I enjoy bushwalking, cycling, tai chi, crosswords and listening to folk, blues and world music.

Tammy Karpany – Aboriginal Community Education officer

Facilities and Administration Support Team

Sharon Mendrin – Finance Officer

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Callum Gipson – Administration Officer

Billy Graves – Director, Out of School Hours Care

EdComTec – IT Support

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Dennis Kaszas – Groundsperson