Parent Information


The First Same Day Policy and Early Years transition:

In January, 2014 “The Same First Day” Policy came into effect across South Australia. Children turning 5 on or before 30th April are able to commence in January of that year. Those who turn 5 on the 1st May or later will commence in January the following year. Please contact the school as early as possible so we can register your interest to enrol at Hillcrest on our Enrolment Register. A transition program for new Reception students is offered in Term 4 of their final preschool year. Please note that priority is given to students for whom we are the closest public primary school (please refer to Find a School or Preschool)

General Enrolment:

Children transferring from another school during term time will begin within two days of enrolment depending on the outcome of an enrolment interview. Key considerations prior to accepting enrolments include:

  • Hillcrest Primary must be the closest public school to their place of residence (please refer to Find a School or Preschool)
  • Visa sub-class
  • Appropriate space to accommodate new students
  • Confirmation of no outstanding concerns or issues by previous school (SA schools / interstate)


Policies and Procedures

Prior to commencing you will receive the following information:

Uniform & Dress Code
Skin Protection Policy
Nut awareness Policy
Grievance Procedures Brochure
Code of Conduct Values
Attendance brochure
Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy
Disability Inclusion Policy
Education Complaint Unit
Raising a Complaint with DfE
Medication and Drug Policy
Mobiles & Electronic Device Policy

Available on request:

  • Volunteer Policy
  • Context statement
  • Code of Conduct Values
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Rite Bite Policy
  • Drug Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Annual Report pamphlet
  • Annual report
  • School Bank Form
  • Sun Smart Policy
  • Hot Weather Policy
  • Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Pamphlet